Material Identification, Quality Inspection and Testing

Making products with consistent high-quality requires good process control techniques combined with advanced equipment. At VMT, we have advanced inspection measuring and testing equipment in-house to qualify all incoming raw materials, while our modern metrology lab ensures that your parts meet your exact specifications. Further, we make sure every project follows these steps for quality assurance:

  • Design for manufacturing review for all quotes provided
  • Contract review upon receipt of PO
  • Incoming materials inspection
  • First article and in-process inspection
  • Final inspection and testing with reports and certifications as required


We are proud to be fully certified and compliant with ISO9001:2015,  SGS and IATF16949. This demonstrates our commitment to continuous quality improvement, respect for our workers and for the environment.

Product Parts Inspection Equipment

Using our optical measuring instruments, surface roughness measuring instruments, salt spray testing instruments, two-dimensional instruments, height meters, calipers, wear testers, air tightness testing, plug gauges, processing and chamfering machines, etc., we can perform manufacturing quality Control and ensure that the manufactured parts meet your design specifications. In VMT, the final inspection department is an important part of our ISO certified manufacturing plant. We are committed to continuously improving quality and respecting our workers and the environment.

Optical measuring instrument

The measuring projector is also called an optical projection calorimeter or an optical projection comparator. It is a measuring instrument that uses the principle of optical projection to project the contour or meter of the measured workpiece onto the observation screen for measurement or comparison.

Projector use: This instrument can efficiently detect the contour and surface shape of various complex workpieces. For example: templates, stamping parts, cams, threads, gears, forming files, wire taps and other tools, tools and parts, etc. The instrument is widely used in the measurement rooms and workshops of the machinery manufacturing industry, the instrumentation and the watch industry.

Measurement projectors are suitable for all application fields for the purpose of two-coordinate measurement; image measuring instruments are widely used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastics and other industries.

Height measuring instrument

Height measuring instrument, abbreviated as altimeter, altimeter, is mainly used to measure the height of the workpiece, and can also measure the shape and position tolerance dimensions, such as perpendicularity and straightness, and can also be used to measure depth, groove width, internal and external aperture, and highest point , Lowest point, flatness, angle, etc.

Surface roughness measuring instrument

The surface roughness meter is a desktop roughness meter for evaluating the surface quality of parts. It can measure the surface roughness of a variety of parts, including plane, inclined surface, outer cylindrical surface, inner hole surface, deep groove surface and bearing raceway, etc., realizing multi-functional precision measurement of surface roughness.

Salt spray measuring instrument

The salt spray test chamber uses salt spray corrosion to detect the reliability of the respective corrosion resistance of the tested samples. Salt spray refers to the dispersion system composed of salt-containing micro droplets in the atmosphere. It is the three-proof series of artificial environments One is that many enterprise products need to simulate the destructive effects of the ocean surrounding climate on the products, so the salt spray test box is suitable. The salt spray test is divided into two types: neutral salt spray and acid salt spray. The difference lies in the standards and test methods that are met. They are called “NSS” and “CASS” tests, respectively, and are the most common test in artificial weather protection. method.

Two-dimensional testing equipment

The two-dimensional detection instrument is used to measure: angle, diameter, radius, distance from point to line, eccentricity of two circles, distance between two points, etc. The two-dimensional detection instrument is a two-dimensional measurement, and the principle is similar to that of a projector; but different data processing systems have different measurement and calculation methods. The two-dimensional detection instrument generally takes the image into the computer through CCD for measurement and calculation. Some functions may not be done, depending on whether the projector is equipped with a data processor, the surface measurement effect is not good.


When customers visit our facilities they are always impressed by our inspection equipment and facilities. If you would like to see for yourself, check out more information and organize a factory tour.