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    The following is a FAQ. If you still can’t answer your question, please contact us.

    Q: What is the advantage of working with VMT? Why should I choose your company to make my parts?

    答:我们的工业3D打印,CNC加工,钣金制造和注塑服务提供直接由客户的3D CAD模型制作的零件,从而减少了出错的可能性。专有软件可自动生成刀具路径,以减少制造时间并降低成本。

    Q: What companies do you work with?

    A: Due to the proprietary and competitive nature of projects we work on, we do not disclose a listing of our customers. However, we do regularly receive permission to share customer success stories.

    Q: What industries use VMT services?


    Q: When should I use machining versus injection molding?

    A: Before making the investment to have injection-mold tooling made or high-volume machining processes, you likely will want to test a part that is as close to the production part as possible. CNC machining is the best option for this situation.

    Additionally, engineers often need just one or maybe a few parts for test fixtures, assembly jigs, or assembly fixtures. Machining is the best option here as well, but traditional machine shops often charge a significant non-recurring engineering (NRE) charge for programming and fixturing. This NRE charge often makes getting very small quantities not affordable. The automated CNC machining process eliminates the upfront NRE costs and is able to offer quantities as low as one part at an affordable price and get parts in your hands in as fast as 1 day.

    Injection molding is better suited to support larger amounts of samples for functional or market testing, bridge tooling, or low-volume production. If you need parts before a steel tool can be made (typically 6 to 10 weeks with other molders) or your volume requirements don’t justify expensive steel production tooling, we can supply production parts to meet your full requirements (up to 10,000+ parts) in 1 to 15 days.

    Q: How many machines do you have?

    A: We currently have more than 1,000 mills, lathes, 3D printers, presses, press brakes, and other manufacturing equipment. With our long history of growth, this number is always changing.

    Q: Are my parts made in the United States?

    A: We currently have 12 manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Japan, all of which are producing parts.

    Q: Why do you have manufacturing facilities in other countries?

    A: We manufacture all parts for North America at our U.S. facilities. We also ship internationally to many other countries from our U.S. facilities. Our manufacturing facility in England supports all of the European countries, and our Japan facilities manufactures exclusively for Japan.

    Q: How do I get a quote?

    A: To get a quote for all of our services, simply upload a 3D CAD model on our site. You’ll get an interactive quote within hours with free design feedback. If there are problem areas in the submitted design, our quoting engine provides detailed information on the potential manufacturing issues and suggests possible solutions.