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What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machine tools are also called computer numerical control machine tools (CNC), which is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process the program with control codes or other symbolic instructions, and decode it, so as to make the machine tool move and process the parts.

CNC Machining Processes

CNC Milling

CNC Turning

What is milling? Milling is a common metal cold processing method. The difference from turning is that the tool rotates at a high speed under the drive of the spindle during milling, while the workpiece is relatively stationary.

Turning means that lathe processing is a part of mechanical processing. Lathe processing mainly uses a turning tool to turn a rotating workpiece. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, discs, sleeves and other rotating or non-rotating workpieces with rotating surfaces. It is the most widely used type of machine tool processing in machinery manufacturing and repair factories.

Advantages Of CNC Machining

CNC machining is great to meet a range of your product development needs. Here are some of the benefits of precision machining:

  • The processing is convenient and simple, and the parts with complex shapes can be processed without too much tooling quantity
  • It is suitable for the processing of aircraft parts, because CNC parts processing can guarantee the characteristics of stable processing quality, high processing accuracy and high repeatability
  • Reduce the working time of production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection to make the production efficiency higher
  • Able to process complex profiles that cannot be processed by conventional methods
  • Easy to ensure the accuracy of each processing surface of the workpiece

What materials can we process?

Aluminum alloy 6061

Material advantages:

It has excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, compact material without defects and easy polishing, easy color film, excellent oxidation effect, etc.

Aluminum alloy 7075

Material advantages:

General corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction. The finer grains make the deep drilling performance better, the tool wear resistance is enhanced, and the thread rolling is more distinctive.

Pure copper

Material advantages:

It has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, deep drawing and corrosion resistance.

The electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of copper is second only to silver, and it is widely used to make electrical and thermal equipment. Red copper has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, sea water, some non-oxidizing acids (hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid), alkali, salt solution and a variety of organic acids (acetic acid, citric acid), and is used in the chemical industry.

It has good weldability and can be processed into various semi-finished products and finished products through cold and thermoplastic processing. In the 1970s, the output of red copper exceeded the total output of other types of copper alloys.


Material advantages:

It has high strength, high hardness and strong chemical resistance. The mechanical properties of cutting are also outstanding.

Brass has strong wear resistance. Special brass is also called special brass. It has high strength, high hardness and strong chemical resistance. The mechanical properties of cutting are also outstanding. The seamless copper tube drawn from brass is soft and has strong wear resistance.

Stainless steel 304L

304 stainless steel is mainly made of nickel stainless steel, which has good alkali resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance.


Material advantages:

It has high strength and good machinability. After proper heat treatment, certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance can be obtained. The material source is convenient. It is suitable for hydrogen welding and argon arc welding.

40Cr steel

Material advantages:

It has good comprehensive mechanical properties, good low-temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity. The hardenability of steel is good, this steel is suitable for cyanidation and high frequency quenching in addition to quenching and tempering treatment. The cutting performance is better.

Q235 steel

Material advantages:

As the thickness of the material increases, the yield value decreases. Due to the moderate carbon content, the overall performance is better, and the strength, plasticity, and welding properties are better matched, and it is the most versatile.

SUS304 steel

Material advantages:

It has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties, good hot workability such as stamping and bending, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon, and non-magnetic.

Small batch production parts

Need to produce custom machined parts? There is no minimum order quantity requirement, we can provide you with competitive prices, first article inspection (FAI) report, material certification, hundreds of materials are in accordance with the American standard, European standard, JIS standard, and SGS test Claim.

Quality inspection of precision parts

Are you still worried about the tolerances of several parts? In order to ensure and meet your parts processing needs, in the process of production and processing, our parts are strictly implemented in accordance with ISO Tolerances DIN ISO 2768-1 standard tolerances, and undergo a four-step quality control test.

What is the cnc processing flow of VMT?

VMT’s CNC machining services are second to none. Let’s take a look at how we produce small and large CNC machined parts for you!

1、Raw materials

VMT’s quality control from begining.Check raw materials’conpoents,size, appearance,etc before start prdouuction.


VMT owns more than 50 pcs antomatic machines,making prouducts according to customers’drwaings.Welcome bulk order!

3、Zero defect goal

VMT owns many inspection machine to inspect product’ size,appearance,Anti-corrosion ability,air-tightness and so on.

4、Profesional team

VMT provides one stop service and help you solve all potential problems until you are satisfied.


Choosing proper packing method to make sure products are in good condition before shipping,during transportation,when arrive in your hands.

Why choose CNC machining?

Machining center is a kind of advanced processing equipment, which is widely used with the characteristics of high precision, reliability, high efficiency, and ability to process complex curved workpieces. However, if the model is not properly selected, it will not be able to exert its due benefits, and will cause a large backlog of funds, which will cause risks. The broad selection mainly includes model selection, numerical control system selection, machine precision selection, and main feature specification selection. Among them, model selection and numerical control system selection have the greatest risk, followed by machine tool accuracy and main features and specifications. Therefore, to reduce the selection risk, we can proceed from the following aspects.